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About Us

Directional Drilling Solutions is a South Australian based company specialising in Directional Drilling and Civil Construction Services. Our Directors have in excess of 20 years experience within the industry, from project initiation through to implementation.

Accomplishments and challenges faced throughout this period have led us to the ideal of sharing our experience and expertise in addressing the skills shortage in the market. After many years within the industry & countless discussions with other company owners, we have found that one of the hardest challenges faced with business today is staff. On too many occasions have we heard people say, 'how can one commit to more work when its so hard to find experienced staff.' Through our service offerings we aim to bridge this gap and provide organisations with the right tools to get the job done. Our services incorporate:

  • Strategy & Planning Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Specialised Labour Hire
  • Plant & Equipment Hire



Mission Statement

Here to help get the meters in.

...and still be totally committed to safety and zero strikes as well as adapting to your ever changing requirements.

Our hands on approach ensures our company and staff are the most experienced people to help get the job done, anywhere in Australia.

We are an equal opportunity employer, however we take staff very serious, and can guarantee in writing your staff will not be poached by us.

Because building solid client relationships means more to us than just filling the shirts.